Monday, January 26, 2015

ooooh, two posts in one week, it's your lucky day! (and by your, i mean, Curtis')

Soooo, the main reason I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging is because my husband misses it. 

He says because I'm an internal processor, when I write on here he gets a glimpse of the side of me I can't really reflect through just talking. Not even to him. I guess that might be true.  

It's just how I was wired. I don't talk to process information. I write. And lately I haven't made the time to just simply think and write to process my life. I have just been living. No longer simply in survival mode, but just plain old living every day life mode. 

But even with our head above the water, the last year or so has been somewhat of a blur. 
Days often go at the speed of mud while months whiz by in a blink. It's funny how having kids (or is it just growing older?) does that to a person. 

I'm not big into resolutions.
My thought is, if you want to change something, start something, end something, learn something, then just do it. It doesn't have to be the first of the year or even the first of the week to just start whatever it is you've been meaning to start. 

But there is something about a fresh new year, a new calendar, like a fresh journal that gets my mind going a million miles an hour. It gets the to do lists going, gets the gears in my mind winding. 

Really, I'm just trying to be more cognizant of using my time wisely. Mostly because I know that soon nap time won't include all the little people of the house between 1:30 and 4:30 where every little human is sleeping. Pretty soon Micah will grow out of naps, and I may not have that chunk of uninterrupted alone time I do now. I mean, i'm intending on instituting some quiet time into our afternoon routine, but i'm sure it won't be as long as they nap now. So I want to use this time i have now well. And with that, for me at least, comes using my creativity and all that encompasses wherever and whenever possible. 

In the ways I keep my hands busy while watching tv, 
in how I study the bible, 
in activities I do with my kids, 
in the meals I prepare. 

Creativity is not only given to us by God, but creativity has a heck of a way of making the daily grind just a wee bit more fun and a little less, well,  grind-y. 

So, hopefully, unless I fall off the blogging wagon again, I'll be back to share a little peak into what I've been up to and how we've all been keeping busy lately.

There's a lot of growing happening in our home right now. Not only in kids' heights and ages, but in the skills they're learning, in the words they're using (for better or worse) and in so many other areas of our life, where we're all learning and growing. 

So hopefully it won't be another six months before I come back to this little virtual space, because I really do like it here. 

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