Monday, May 20, 2013

catching up. well, not really but i just found this cute update in my drafts folder.

i wrote the following right after i ended my series on the story of nyla's arrival. i guess in foggy mommy mode, i forgot to hit the publish button. it's funny how a few months can change so much...

we celebrated christmas as a new family of four
curtis turned 30
we rang in 2013 in bed, catching our zzzz's between feedings
we got into a new rhythm of normal (albeit a sleep-deprived, crazy type of normal)
we were up a lot in the night with no rest during the day
but now... oh, we've reached a good normal
our girl is two months old and she's been sleeping through the night all week
last night she slept almost 10 hours straight 
micah will be two years old on monday
and we have reached a new, steadier, normal with two kids

HA! now Nyla is 5 months old and Micah is well past 2. 
Curt's been 30 for months now and i'm 4 days away from 31. 
Nyla and Micah both sleep 12 hours a night and their afternoon nap gives me at least a couple hours of peace and quite.
It's a good life we've got - today after our second to last (!) social worker visit we spent the rest of the morning in the backyard, micah splashing away in the baby pool while nyla laid on a blanket under the shade of the umbrella. and i, well i sat close enough to nyla to entertain her while still getting my legs in the sun and close enough to micah to throw helicopter seeds at him in the pool and to remind him to stop drinking the water in the pool. 
It's going to be a fun summer with these two - not a lot of r&r, but as soon as i figure out the best way to take two kids to the city pool alone and we'll be set.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Don't be crazy, be happy.

a few Fridays ago we went to lunch with Nana (my grandma).

On the way there i told Micah that I wanted him to behave.

From the backseat he then asks, "behave means mommy?"

Instead of answering him I asked a question right back, as i've started to do a lot lately because his answers are both hilarious and usually spot on.

So i asked him what he thought behave meant:

He said, "don't be crazy, be happy."

Yup, that pretty much sums it up kid.

love these two

if you can't tell I love these little rugrats. like love LOVE them. 
for all the hard moments there are a hundred amazing, hilarious, endearing ones. 
they are awesome & make every day exciting.
sometimes during naptime or after they go to bed at night I look through the pictures of the day on my phone and just smile. 
or we'll lay in bed at night and I'll show curt the funny little videos I took. 
when the sleep I'm always glad for the break, but I gotta admit, sometimes I miss them. 
but when I do I can just sneak a peek at them on their little webcams in their rooms and watch their peaceful little faces as they snooze away. 

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