Friday, January 11, 2013

the phone call

It was 8:10 am on Thursday, December 20, 2012. Micah was still sleeping, Curtis was in the bathroom getting ready for work and i was down in the kitchen making a cup of coffee.
Curtis was running late for work which almost never happens. he's usually at work well before 8, but God knew he needed to be running late this particular morning. 

so, there i was, standing, sleepily at the espresso maker, waiting for my coffee when i got a phone call. Blocked it said. I usually never answer Unknown or Blocked calls, but it was early and i wasn't really thinking, so i answered it.

"Hello. This is Jess." i said.

"Hi Jess, it's Megan, from Gentle Care. Good morning."

"Uhhh, Megan? Hi (starting to shake a little) What's going on?"

"Well, i wanted to call because i have a situation i wanted to run by you," she said.


"A baby. We have a baby for you but i wondered if you had a few minutes to go through it's medical history with me."

"Wait, what?! Hold on, can i run up and get Curtis on speaker phone?" I said.
 (while running up the stairs and bursting in the bathroom, trying to be quiet enough so as not to wake Micah (who never sleeps past 8, mind you - another miracle).

"Curtis, Megan's on the phone, she's calling about a baby!" i whisper-shouted.

"Megan? who? which megan? why is Megan calling at 8am?" (he thought it was someone else)

"No, Curt, it's Megan from Adoption by Gentle Care. They have a baby for us!"

We went into our room and i put her on speaker phone. We are both shaking our heads and literally shaking at this point. my heart is beating out of my chest. She explains the medical history, about the birth mom, the birthday, the labor. 

At one point we interupt her and say, "we don't care what you tell us, the answer is YES!"

Then i realize that she hasn't told us if the baby is a girl or a boy. So i ask, "Megan, i'm not sure what the protocol for this is, but are you allowed to tell us if it's a boy or a girl?"

"Yeah i can tell you." she said, "Do you want to know?"

"YES!" we both said in unison. duh! of course we want to know!

"It's a girl!"

Curtis started crying. he's been very verbal about wanting a little girl so bad. i am just in shock and shaking. i always thought i'd have two boys, maybe all boys. but a girl. we're gonna have a boy and a girl. i didn't even know how much i wanted a little girl until that very moment. it's a girl!

"Her mom named her Nila," Megan said, "but of course, you can change it if you want."

we both looked at each other and mouthed, "I like that" at the exact same time. and at that moment we knew, her name would be Nyla (with a Y instead of an I) It was beautiful and what a way to honor her birth mom by keeping her name. 

"She didn't give her a middle name, so start thinking about that too," she continued after we told her we were probably going to keep her name.

the call lasted a few morning minutes with her emailing over all her medical and history documents for us to look over, but in our minds we knew, she was already ours. 

This was Thursday morning. If all went according to planned, we'd be picking her up on Saturday afternoon. 

It was then that the longest 48 hours of my life began...


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