Thursday, October 25, 2012

we've got two extroverts in our house and one of them is not me

Last week I came to the realization after a near-silent (on my part) dinner that by the time Curtis gets home from work most days I am just plain all out of words. Being the introvert that I am, it takes a lot of energy to talk to Micah, pretty much non-stop throughout the day. It may be exhausting, but I have recently seen that all of our (mostly one-sided) conversations of the past have helped him grow his vocabulary a lot lately. Over the last month or so, one word answers and commands have evolved into little phrases and it is awesome to witness. So, for posterity's sake, here are some of Micah's newest and cutest little phrases:

"Hi Mea Bea!" (upon coming downstairs every morning)

"Night night mommy, night night daddy, night night Mea" (every night)

"Bess you...mommy" (or daddy, or grandma - after anyone sneezes)

"Es-cuz me mommy" (when he wants to get past my legs or i'm in his way"

I've also heard him say "Move please" to my mom when she was in his way!

"Please mommy." (when he wants something - anything)

"Milk please mommy" or "sher-o's (cheerios) please mommy" or whatever else he wants that he can name himself

"Toot" when he or anyone else makes a toot. if it wasn't him, but you doing the tooting he will follow it up with "Es-cuze you mommy/daddy"

"Now I know my B, B, B's" (part of the A, B, C song - obviously!)

"I will wait, I will wait -- YOU!!!" (one of our favorite Mumford and Sons songs)


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