Friday, October 5, 2012

oh autumn, you get me every year

this was last year - micah was 7 or 8 months old. we thought he was so big, the way he could sit amongst the pumpkins and give us his best contemplative face.


it was our first fall bringing a baby with us to our favorite apple orchard. ever since we've been together we've always apple picked come september or october. we'd see the families taking pictures surrounded by pumpkins and hay as we made our easy way, just the two of us, to pick loads of apples. no stroller to push, no kids to wrangle.

but last year everything changed, we saw Patterson's through the eyes of parents now. We thought it was thrilling, to sit micah between the pumpkins, he, mostly oblivious, but we had a kid, finally. and by golly we were going to let him experience fall in the way we always have.


but boy oh boy, nothing of last year compares to the joy of watching your boy, no longer a baby, learn to pick apples for himself. learning to bite into them, juice dripping down his face as he exclaims, "mmmmm mommy."


watching his sheer delight as we let him loose in a field of apple trees. he'd run and then look back to make sure we were following him.


he kept saying "apple" and "twee" - he was in heaven even in wet shoes and socks and jeans. he spotted two dogs with an older couple and fearlessly strolled up to these dogs twice his size, putting out his hand for them to lick and sniff. "arf arf" he kept saying "arf art" they were kind and chatted as he pet their dogs more gently than he's ever treated ours.


he is most certainly my boy, an autumn lover. he said "hiya" to everyone we passed. often multiple times, even after they responded with a "hi" right back. he gets that from his daddy. i too easily ignore everyone else for my little family. but they, my boys, are kind that way and always aware of strangers and passersby. i'm glad he gets that from his daddy.


he also follows in his daddy's footsteps as he devoured half of my apple cider donut before i finished my half, then looked to Curtis for more of his.


at the pumpkins he kept saying "wow" over and over as he'd pick up one baby pumpkin, then spot another basketful, just to set that one down for another one. we didn't buy him one, but we should have.
it was endearing to watch him run back and forth pointing to each pumpkin saying "pun-tin""pun-tin"


this is a fall adventure i won't soon forget. teaching my boy how to gently twist and pull an apple from a tree. how to inspect it and wipe in on our shirts. how to take a big bite, or just a nibble. how he would spit the apple peel into my open palm with each bite, not even trying to chew it up.


but i let him, because i love him, and i love sharing my favorite time of year with my favorite guys.


every year it's hard for me to say goodbye to summer. but now, i'm ready. i'm officially done with summer and once again, in love with autumn.


CitricSugar said...

They get so big so fast! What a gorgeous little man…

Sounds like a fantastic day.

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