Monday, October 8, 2012



it all started with this. he spotted Curtis out the front window as he was mowing the lawn and ever since, every time he hears a lawn mower in the distance he runs to the window. rarely is it Curtis out there, but he looks to see if he can spot the sound. but one day a couple weeks ago, upon walking into my mom's house she said, "Micah, i have a surprise for you!"


it was this dollar store plastic lawn mower and Micah's little world has never been the same.
he calls it his "law-mow-wa" and it pretty much goes with us everywhere. Although i'm trying to cut down on the times it travels with us in the car. it kind of seems like a hazard to keep on his lap in his carseat.


he loves this cheap plastic toy so much and pushes it around the house and our yard every chance he gets. i think next up is a baby broom, and maybe a mop and possibly a rake. a boy's gotta earn his keep, you know.



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