Thursday, October 25, 2012

we've got two extroverts in our house and one of them is not me

Last week I came to the realization after a near-silent (on my part) dinner that by the time Curtis gets home from work most days I am just plain all out of words. Being the introvert that I am, it takes a lot of energy to talk to Micah, pretty much non-stop throughout the day. It may be exhausting, but I have recently seen that all of our (mostly one-sided) conversations of the past have helped him grow his vocabulary a lot lately. Over the last month or so, one word answers and commands have evolved into little phrases and it is awesome to witness. So, for posterity's sake, here are some of Micah's newest and cutest little phrases:

"Hi Mea Bea!" (upon coming downstairs every morning)

"Night night mommy, night night daddy, night night Mea" (every night)

"Bess you...mommy" (or daddy, or grandma - after anyone sneezes)

"Es-cuz me mommy" (when he wants to get past my legs or i'm in his way"

I've also heard him say "Move please" to my mom when she was in his way!

"Please mommy." (when he wants something - anything)

"Milk please mommy" or "sher-o's (cheerios) please mommy" or whatever else he wants that he can name himself

"Toot" when he or anyone else makes a toot. if it wasn't him, but you doing the tooting he will follow it up with "Es-cuze you mommy/daddy"

"Now I know my B, B, B's" (part of the A, B, C song - obviously!)

"I will wait, I will wait -- YOU!!!" (one of our favorite Mumford and Sons songs)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Me: Micah, if you choose not to obey you are choosing to get a spanking.

Micah: bottom

Me: yes, on your bottom. Do you want a spank?

Micah: yes

Me: No you don't. Micah, you don't want a spanking. Mommy wants you to obey so you don't have to get a spanking.

Micah: bottom

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

call me mommy

Micah: Hi Jess.

Me: Micah, please call me Mommy.

Micah: Jess

Me: Micah, Mommy is a special name that only you can call me. There is no other little boy or girl in the whole wide world who can call me Mommy. Please don't call me Jess. I'm your Mommy.

Micah: Hi Jess. Hello Jess. Okay Jess.


Monday, October 22, 2012

the playground with my people

i can think of few things that are more fun or funny
than walking to the park on a crisp autumn evening
with my people, picking up leaves and "ake-corns" as we go.
we take turns heading up and down the slide with our little daredevil boy
as other parents stand around and watch their kids climb play
we are racing down the double slide, trying not to get our butts wet
on the one side with the rainwater as the other takes photos.
they look at us a little weird
but we don't care
it's fun and funny to pretend we're littler than we are.

Friday, October 12, 2012

because i want to remember...



from the time he gave up a pacifier at about three months old he took to sucking his thumb while playing with the hair at the crown of his head at bedtime as he's getting tired. but this evening, on our nightly walk, we found him walking just like this. i had to snap a couple pictures of my tired little walker.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

sometimes the light hits just right







our house is generally pretty dark, but sometimes in late afternoon, after nap time, the most lovely low light shines through our front windows and splashes across micah's little play area behind our couch. this afternoon he was playing back there and i just happened to turn and look as the sun shone on my little train-lover. this is the result of me wanting to remember the way sometimes the light hits just right.

Monday, October 8, 2012



it all started with this. he spotted Curtis out the front window as he was mowing the lawn and ever since, every time he hears a lawn mower in the distance he runs to the window. rarely is it Curtis out there, but he looks to see if he can spot the sound. but one day a couple weeks ago, upon walking into my mom's house she said, "Micah, i have a surprise for you!"


it was this dollar store plastic lawn mower and Micah's little world has never been the same.
he calls it his "law-mow-wa" and it pretty much goes with us everywhere. Although i'm trying to cut down on the times it travels with us in the car. it kind of seems like a hazard to keep on his lap in his carseat.


he loves this cheap plastic toy so much and pushes it around the house and our yard every chance he gets. i think next up is a baby broom, and maybe a mop and possibly a rake. a boy's gotta earn his keep, you know.


Friday, October 5, 2012

oh autumn, you get me every year

this was last year - micah was 7 or 8 months old. we thought he was so big, the way he could sit amongst the pumpkins and give us his best contemplative face.


it was our first fall bringing a baby with us to our favorite apple orchard. ever since we've been together we've always apple picked come september or october. we'd see the families taking pictures surrounded by pumpkins and hay as we made our easy way, just the two of us, to pick loads of apples. no stroller to push, no kids to wrangle.

but last year everything changed, we saw Patterson's through the eyes of parents now. We thought it was thrilling, to sit micah between the pumpkins, he, mostly oblivious, but we had a kid, finally. and by golly we were going to let him experience fall in the way we always have.


but boy oh boy, nothing of last year compares to the joy of watching your boy, no longer a baby, learn to pick apples for himself. learning to bite into them, juice dripping down his face as he exclaims, "mmmmm mommy."


watching his sheer delight as we let him loose in a field of apple trees. he'd run and then look back to make sure we were following him.


he kept saying "apple" and "twee" - he was in heaven even in wet shoes and socks and jeans. he spotted two dogs with an older couple and fearlessly strolled up to these dogs twice his size, putting out his hand for them to lick and sniff. "arf arf" he kept saying "arf art" they were kind and chatted as he pet their dogs more gently than he's ever treated ours.


he is most certainly my boy, an autumn lover. he said "hiya" to everyone we passed. often multiple times, even after they responded with a "hi" right back. he gets that from his daddy. i too easily ignore everyone else for my little family. but they, my boys, are kind that way and always aware of strangers and passersby. i'm glad he gets that from his daddy.


he also follows in his daddy's footsteps as he devoured half of my apple cider donut before i finished my half, then looked to Curtis for more of his.


at the pumpkins he kept saying "wow" over and over as he'd pick up one baby pumpkin, then spot another basketful, just to set that one down for another one. we didn't buy him one, but we should have.
it was endearing to watch him run back and forth pointing to each pumpkin saying "pun-tin""pun-tin"


this is a fall adventure i won't soon forget. teaching my boy how to gently twist and pull an apple from a tree. how to inspect it and wipe in on our shirts. how to take a big bite, or just a nibble. how he would spit the apple peel into my open palm with each bite, not even trying to chew it up.


but i let him, because i love him, and i love sharing my favorite time of year with my favorite guys.


every year it's hard for me to say goodbye to summer. but now, i'm ready. i'm officially done with summer and once again, in love with autumn.

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