Sunday, July 22, 2012


When he woke up crying at 5:45 this morning I had a hunch something was wrong. Nothing disrupts this kid's 12 hour stretch of sleep except sickness. But after a few minutes he fell back asleep until almost 9.

Unfortunately my suspicions were correct and he woke up a drippy, snotty mess so no church for us.

Instead, we had a nice low- key day, that is until dinner.

I made homemade pizza and salad for dinner & he ate, and we ate, and life was good until just when our forks were set on our plates. That's when he started coughing, then puking. Then puking on me.

I don't think he actually has the flu, just a lot of nasal drainage that lends itself to an upset belly. The last time this happened he'd just eaten a piece of watermelon when we were on vacation in Florida and he threw it up into my open palm.

Ain't parenthood grand?!

This was us as I sang "the pie song" (from the movie The Waitress) to him before putting him to sleep tonight - one if the few songs that still settles him like it did when he was an infant - just after some orange pedialite and ibuprofen. I couldn't tell if he'd fallen asleep on my shoulder or not so I busted out my phone's camera. Nope. Sad eyes spotted me and let out a big sigh before I laid him down for the night.

So far so good, but the night is still young.


CitricSugar said...

Waitress is a favourite of mine...

Hope your little guy feels better soon! It's so hard to watch them and not be able to just "fix it".

Amie said...

I hope your little guy is feeling better Jess. I hate when they are sick, so helpless and small. The Pie Song is one of my most favorite songs ever, and we sing it every night too :)

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