Sunday, July 22, 2012


When he woke up crying at 5:45 this morning I had a hunch something was wrong. Nothing disrupts this kid's 12 hour stretch of sleep except sickness. But after a few minutes he fell back asleep until almost 9.

Unfortunately my suspicions were correct and he woke up a drippy, snotty mess so no church for us.

Instead, we had a nice low- key day, that is until dinner.

I made homemade pizza and salad for dinner & he ate, and we ate, and life was good until just when our forks were set on our plates. That's when he started coughing, then puking. Then puking on me.

I don't think he actually has the flu, just a lot of nasal drainage that lends itself to an upset belly. The last time this happened he'd just eaten a piece of watermelon when we were on vacation in Florida and he threw it up into my open palm.

Ain't parenthood grand?!

This was us as I sang "the pie song" (from the movie The Waitress) to him before putting him to sleep tonight - one if the few songs that still settles him like it did when he was an infant - just after some orange pedialite and ibuprofen. I couldn't tell if he'd fallen asleep on my shoulder or not so I busted out my phone's camera. Nope. Sad eyes spotted me and let out a big sigh before I laid him down for the night.

So far so good, but the night is still young.

Monday, July 16, 2012

moving right along

our family of 3 on the 4th of July

it's come to my attention that i have sorely neglected this blog.
i apologize.
now moving right along...

i'm not sure where i exactly left off, adoption-wise, but we are officially, officially on the wait list, profile on their website and all.
if you feel like being an adoption-waiting-family creeper, then by all means - take a peek {here}
(we're alllll the way at the bottom of the page - then click the link to view our fancy pants profile if you want, no pressure.)

the summer is freaky flying by and with the extreme heat we're having comes the uncanny ability to neglect words for sweat and swimming pools.

my little guy (who turns 17 months on wednesday) is quite the fishy with quite the tan lines despite the 50 spf i spray on him liberally every time he exits the pool.

we flop between the city's public pool, my nana's condo's pool, my sister- and brother-in-law's pool and the little purple kiddie pool we keep in our backyard for the times when we can't be bothered to leave home to swim. he liked them all and has gotten a good grip on snacks on a towel during rest periods and cold water drunk from any bottle he can get his tan little hands on.

we are having the time of our lives - galavanting around town together, him walking beside me instead of being carried, mimicking everything i say, yelling (and i mean, yelling) HELLO to everyone he sees - getting louder and louder the longer it takes them to respond to his semi-embarrassing cat calls and blown kisses.

we have a fun life - this little family of three, but we are gearing up to add a #4 literally any time now.
that's crazy to think about really. i feel like we hit our summer roll and some days i can't imagine how another kid is gonna wiggle their way into my heart like he has. but i know they will - hearts stretch and i can't wait to take two kids for a dip in the pool - maybe this summer - but maybe not until next.

people ask us all the time if we have any news on the adoption front. like all the time. and we almost always give the same answer - "nope, we probably won't know anything until the time comes."
vague but most likely true. there's a good chance that we won't know anything until we get the call to come pick up our baby. there's a chance we'll get to meet the birth mom (while she's still pregnant) before she "chooses" us, but in our case, the chances are unlikely. either way - we're just excited to know each day we come closer and closer to meeting him or her. we've got a room, a crib, we've even got names picked out - now all we need is the call.

but in the meantime, we wait - and have a dang good time doing it.

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