Thursday, June 14, 2012

what i've been eating

i've done a few what i wore posts because i like looking at what other people wear. it gives me inspiration on new outfits and keeps me looking put together although some days i never even leave the house. so i thought i'd do a little what i've been eating post too, because looking at other people's food photos makes me drool, and inspires me to try new recipes and food combinations. plus, it's fun to photograph my food.




-my go-to breakfast lately. greek yogurt, sometimes with a drizzle of honey, fresh fruit and a little bit of granola.


-i'm kind of obsessed lately with rye bread toast topped with fresh tomatoes and a pinch of salt and pepper. i think i've eaten at least five tomatoes this week already.






-i don't usually make myself a special lunch - i usually eat a sammy or leftovers from last night's dinner after micah goes down for his afternoon nap. but one day last week, after seeing a few pictures of asparagus topped with a runny egg floating around the internet, i decided i could afford to take a few minutes to treat myself. i simply broiled a small bunch of asparagus for a couple minutes and topped it with a sunny side up egg. don't mind the burnt mini whole wheat bagel. not my best culinary work of art, but it was delicioso!


for dinner one night, after drawing a blank at about 5:55pm (which happens quite frequently) i decided just to roast ever vegetable we had left in the fridge with a side of rice for dinner. sweet potatoes sprinkled with cinnamon and chili powder, and brussel sprouts & broccoli.



-another recent favorite is avacado on toast - a few little cheese slices rounded out this little lunch nicely.


and what food post is complete without a kitchen shot with a little guy hiding?!


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