Saturday, June 23, 2012

i kinda wanna cry right now

this morning, in a moment of bravery (or a momentary lapse of judgement due to caffeine-induced giddiness that my husband was finally home!) we decided to start the move from Micah's nursery to his big boy room. i decided to leave the cribs as is for now, plopping his mattress with a fresh sheet into the new crib in his new room. i moved some toys over, his little step stool with his name carved out of blocks that fit like puzzle pieces into the top, his life-sized sock monkey, his wooden trains that spell his name. While i arranged and brainstormed, curtis installed an air conditioner in the window. We let Micah play in there as we worked, explaining to him (for the 20th time) that this was going to be his new big boy room. He seemed to like it well enough. It's cozy and bright - being the only room in our house with carpet. Then came nap time and that's when the freak-out ensued. Crocodile tears and screams like I've seldom heard come out of this laid-back boy since infanthood. We debated letting him cry it out, but like the saps that we are, first Curtis went in to soothe him - rubbed his back as he convulsed and sobbed. Then we gave him a few more minutes before i went in. I picked him up, rocked him and told him he didn't have to be afraid. Then i laid his limp 25 pound body back down just to have the screaming start all over again. A few minutes later he was fast asleep, sprawled out in his new crib, in his new room. I don't know if i'm ready for this. i feel like i should be the one crying here. i've never been good with change.


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