Friday, June 1, 2012

15.5 months and counting






He sits on my lap drinking a bottle before a nap
I smell the swirl at the crown of his head
It smells of salty sweat and grass
A striped t-shirt and cargo shorts clad boy repeats words
the newest being bible and baby and eyes and hi and no
I ask for a kiss and instead a headbutt then laughing from both of us
He is such a little guy complete with giggles after belches and dirt under nails
stinky feet and shananigans aimed at the dog
last night we watched him put wooden train tracks together, then take them apart and back together again
than after dinner he walked back and forth between us on the sunporch for an hour
he's transitioning before our eyes. from baby to toddling boy
and it's bound to only be more clear with the arrival of his little brother or sister.


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