Wednesday, May 30, 2012

just one of many examples

there is so much i want to tell you - my bloggy friends.
there are so many ways God is providing for us right about now my heart is overwhelming with gratitude. just a few moments ago i got a text from curtis, saying: "we just got a $300 anonymous donation on {our site}."

micah's taking his morning nap so i don't have a ton of time to write but i wanted to tell you one story of how God's provided for us - in the big AND little things:

Last week a friend at church emailed out to everyone saying that her friend has a crib that she doesn't need and was wondering if she knew anyone who would want it. As soon as i saw the email i responded - "Yes! we do, we do!" Curtis was at work at the time and also responded to the email.
Then i typed a follow-up email wondering if her friend wouldn't mind sending us a pic of the crib first.

From the start i've really wanted another white crib. It sounds shallow and trite, but i'm just being honest here. I was willing to accept whatever, to take the time to paint one, but deep down, i was hoping for a white crib. We have been doing some garage saleing, but nothing seemed right - too ugly, too expensive, too rickety to safely hold our next precious baby.

The next day my friend sent me two photos of the crib - and to my surprise it was a beautiful, white, almost new (ie. safe) crib. my mouth dropped.

"when can we pick it up?"

after the memorial day parade on monday we drove 45 minutes south to this friend of a friend's house to pick up the crib. we offered money, they just laughed and refused. they were a couple in their mid 60's who were planning to foster, but had to make the decision not to due to some health issues.

"Isn't God so good?" she said as we were thanking them.

yup. yup He is.




David Chapdelaine said...

God provides for His kids, and loves adoption. So rad. Watch for more provision...

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