Tuesday, May 8, 2012

guys, seriously!

This is a big-lipped smooch from me to you!

this has seriously been one of the (if not THE) most awesome surprise ever in the history of husband-awesomeness. It started innocent enough. I didn't feel good, my tonsils were caked with white puss pockets, so after church a couple sundays ago, i took a nap after church. when i woke up two hours later Curtis said, "I have a surprise for you, check facebook." and so i did and i was stunned and excited and admittedly kind of nervous that no one would respond. I didn't want to feel like people would only donate if they liked me, but that's what was going through my head. But, within minutes donations started coming in. It was crazy. I was (and still am) humbled by the generosity of my family and friends, and really, also from some friends i haven't seen in years, coworkers who i don't work alongside anymore. i'm still in that pinch-me phase - guys, we've raised $1,750 from {that site} alone so far! seriously, we are so thankful and so blessed. When this baby joins our family they'll get to grow up knowing that so many from around the country (and world) supported them, prayed for them and loved them before they were even born. Now if that's not a wonderful picture of the beauty of adoption, i don't know what is.

We are nearing the finish line guys! Not just monetarily (we've got a ways to go on that front) but adoption process-wise. The fire chief is coming in about an hour to do our fire inspection, then i'm heading to the post office as soon as he leaves to mail out our profile kit and then, if all goes as planned, a week from today our social worker comes back to our house to finish up our home study - then you know what?! we're done. We'll be on the wait list and then there's nothing we can do but sit back, relax - oh, and finish up the baby's room. right now it's just a bare room with primed walls. After we're officially in wait mode, we'll be hitting up garage sales for some second hand nursery furniture and getting our home (and our hearts) ready for this new bundle of baby!

and you know what?! it totally wouldn't be possible without you. we've felt carried along by your prayers and support. in the midst of the crazy, we've felt peace and in the midst of all of our worries about money and becoming a family of four, we've felt excitement and hope.

so, guys, seriously, thank you!


evan said...

SO exciting, we're praying!

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