Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...and, we're DONE!

me and my 2nd guy

my guys

our social worker left our house this morning at 10:30am.
as she was walking back to her car she said, "have a nice summer, i'll see you soon."

she'll be back, the next time we'll see her she'll be knocking on our door for our first week post-placement visit. she told me at our last visit that those visits are her favorite. i can't wait.

when she left we both exhaled. not because we were nervous but because we were done.
what began, gosh, over two years ago has come to a pinnacle. all the paperwork and appointments and tasks are done. our checklist is completely checked off, scratched out - it's surreal to say the least. the stack of paperwork sitting on my desk has nothing left to be done with it.

and now we wait.

wait and enjoy our last weeks...maybe months spent as a family of three and prepare to add one more sweet little chickadee to our happy little nest.


CitricSugar said...

Congrats on jumping through the last hoop! Hope your new addition comes home soon.

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