Sunday, April 29, 2012

You've been Blog-Jacked!

Ok, so I'm not sure if "Blog-Jacked" is the right word, or even a word at all, but to the audience of My Bell Jar, this is not Jess, but rather her loving husband Curtis. You know, the good looking one in the photos with Jess and Micah? It's easy to miss me, I understand. All that aside, I wanted to take this time to let everyone know what I'm attempting to do for my wife on her birthday (which is May 24th!) as she will be turning the age of 30!
Now, I must admit, I had an ethical dilemma about posting to her blog, mostly for the fear that she would change her password and I wouldn't be able to edit out information that I felt was too personal (like our mailing address, or my preferred sleeping attire). But, it's for a good cause, and for a pretty amazing woman.
If you have read at least one blog post on this site, you will most likely be familiar that we are adopting. So when I asked Jess what she wanted most for her birthday, she gave me this real pouty face and said "a baby." Come to find out, she wasn't really saying what I had interpreted. Apparently she just meant an adopted child. :-)
This is where you, Jess' closest friends, come into the picture. I have created a website that allows people to support our adoption and also wish your favorite blogger a "Happy 30th".
Thanks for reading, and I really hope she doesn't delete this post out of embarrassment! hehe

Follow the link below to find out more...
Jess' 30th Birthday/Adoption Fund Raiser


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