Thursday, April 5, 2012

precious little lives

melt my heart

last night micah stood at the front window and watched Curtis mow the whole front yard. he literally stood there with a little plastic car in each hand for a good 20 minutes. it was so sweet. he just kept staring in his sweet little boy way and then every so often he would turn to me, sitting next to him on the dining room floor and would point out the window, like he was asking me, "do you see him, mom. you see what dad's doing out there?!" it was the most heart-melting sight.

then, about an hour later, after Micah was in bed we got a call from our friend who had been in labor. the baby was here, but not until after a complicated labor which ended in a very emergency c-section. she sounded awful, but over-the-moon at the same time. "i've never felt anything like this before," she told me. a mother's love. that's what that is.

life is so precious and so fragile i thought to myself later that night, rethinking the course of events her and her husband had to go through earlier that day. thank you God for protecting them from all that could have went wrong.

we had plans to go visit them in the hospital this evening after Curtis got off work. but i woke up this morning with no plans and an itch to hold a baby that hadn't yet hit the 24 hour mark. so i texted her, "i don't think i can wait until tonight, would you be up for a morning visit." to which she responded, "of course."

He was precious. with big hands and even bigger feet. as she recounted the traumatic events of the previous day to another friend who was visiting, i couldn't help but think again what a blessing new life is.

After our visit we had to walk through the children's hospital to get back to the parking garage. with Micah in his stroller, a healthy, happy almost 14-month old, we walked past numerous parents walking with obviously sick children. some bald, some in wheelchairs, oxygen masks, IVs.

my first thought was how lucky we are to be blessed with such a healthy kid. i used to say, when talking about an impending birth - "just as long as mom and baby are healthy." but today made me rethink that statement. maybe that's not all there is to it. as we walked to our car i thought - how blessed they are too. kids are a blessing, however sick or healthy.

while a healthy baby is definitely a wonderful thing, maybe they know secrets about a parent's love that i couldn't possibly know. maybe they feel like the lucky ones.


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