Tuesday, April 3, 2012

catching up: first vacation as a family of three


While there were definitely wrenches thrown in to our first family vacation (for example: no kids under three allowed in the condo's pool & a croup-like cough that led to an urgent care visit that led to penicillin for double ear infections) we had an unforgettably relaxing week spent pool- (they had a kiddie pool for little visiting un-potty-trainted tots) and beach-side. 


these two made sure we still had a nice week - even letting us leave the sicko with them for the day so we could go frolic at the beach.



Micah was a flying champ on the way down despite a 4am wake-up call and a two-hour delay to start our journey southbound.


The way back we weren't quite as lucky (no doubt due to his ears and missing regularly scheduled nap time) but eventually he conked out belly down across our laps and we had a silent trip on the second half of our journey home.


It's funny how you can wait so long (five years long) to get away on a proper vacation and then it's over just like that. In another week my tan and freckles will begin to fade - I just hope it doesn't take us five more years to get back to the ocean.



CitricSugar said...

Such wonderful family photos. :-)

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