Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love day

even with coughs and sniffles and ear infections and pink eye floating around our house for the last week i was determined to have a nice valentine's day with my boys.
with a little creativity and crafting, we're keeping the day simple and full of love with the help of a little watercolored garland on the kitchen window.

this afternoon micah and i met a friend and her three little girls for lunch. micah enjoyed the attention from his three sweeties, got his first birthday card and a sweet little friendship bracelet. now he's napping and i'm thinking about what i want for dinner. we're thinking thai takeout, but if we're feeling wild, we might go out - our little family of three. although we'd hate to ruin anyone else's kid free date night by toting along our toddler. we'll see.

then cards and little gifts exchanged between us. i'll show you what i made him in another post, and as for what i'm getting, i'm not sure. all i know is that he took micah with him yesterday for a little trip to target. when he returned he snuck up to our room to wrap whatever it was and then told me, "i know you jess, don't worry, i wasn't shopping in the valentine's day aisles." i'm curious to see what they came up with, he said micah was a big help.



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