Wednesday, February 29, 2012

adios february

for a february, i can't remember a better one.
big things have happened in the Penick household this month
i got my horse's tail highlighted and then had six inches chopped off

just a little evening color & cut

new do//6 inches off

and for the last week we've been undertaking a major purge in our house
but for good reason

productive morning//giveaways

with a little push, we decided to turn our third bedroom that was once our office/library/clothes/storage room into a nursery for baby #2!
these bags were just after day one
since this photo the donation bag count has at least doubled
filling up our entire foyer

it's a good feeling - purging
also a good feeling was moving all of our books downstairs
out in the open to browse at random

so now, with the help of a little spur of the moment ikea trip with my favorite little road-tripper yesterday, we got a piece of furniture that let us move all of our clothes from the third bedroom into ours - and he got a few wooden toy trains for being the best little sidekick i could have ever hoped for.

we left the house at 8:30 yesterday morning, drove the two hours to pittsburgh with him talking and laughing and clapping to the music in the back - then we got what we needed and fed him lunch and we were back in the car by 11:30. home by 1:30pm. he slept the whole way home and still took a nap from 3 to 5.

i had never taken a road trip just the two of us, and i must say, he definitely convinced me that more will probably be in our future.

then last night Curtis put our new purchase together as Micah did his part to help (ie. distract)
it's a work in progress, but a huge step closer to preparing our home for a new member of our family
Curtis says i'm nesting, but i just feel excited. excited to give this baby a room as special as Micah's was for him. One we labored over, prepared, and yes, maybe nested over too.


so yeah, February was grand, and i think March will be just as exciting.

on the agenda:

room demolition (& hopefully after that a quick insulation/drywall/mudding & paint job)
our first family vacation to Florida with my parents
Lord willing we'll finish our paperwork for our adoption so we can start our home study

Happy Leap Day folks!


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