Monday, January 16, 2012

on fashion



i like fashion
i like getting dressed in the morning
i like to browse fashion blogs for inspiration

i think creativity can manifest itself through many different facets of life

through writing (even if it's 'just a blog')
through the meals you cook for your family
through keeping your home a place where you love to be

and also through your own personal sense of style

now, i'll be the first to admit, while i don't shlump around most days in sweats (i prefer to save them for the after dinner hours!), i am far from a fashionista.
but i do think i have my own sense of style, what i usually gravitate towards and what generally works for me.
and i like to find inspiration in a variety of places - on blogs, browsing{pinterest}, even while doing errands.

the above photos do not showcase my typical style - at least not now that i'm a stay-at-home mom
these pictures were taken a couple months ago when i decided to dress up for church
i usually wear jeans or something equally as casual.
it was a day i felt cute.
it was an outfit that reminded me that really the only, and i mean only, thing i missed about heading into an office every day was the chance to throw on a pair of heels, or a skirt, or a cute little blazer (or all at once) and feel put together.

most days i can be spotted wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots, a tank top or t, some sort of colored cardigan and scarf - usually one of these items is striped, another leopard print...
throw in a big ring, a stack of bracelets to go with my favorite gold watch and maybe my faux fur vest and that's about it

my style is simple but maybe just a bit quirky, layered, but textured, and i am starting to really like the mixing of prints - stripes with animal print, or plaid with floral

before Micah was born i made a conscious decision to wake up every day, whether we had somewhere to go or not, and get up and ready like we had places to be. i take a shower, do my hair, put on some makeup and usually get dressed up 'decently' even though on some of those early days i didn't leave the couch. it think it has (in part) helped me keep my sense of self/style in this new world called motherhood that so quickly can become the eye of a tornado centered around a baby.

i'm not sure what i'm trying to say here really, and i guess that's okay.
maybe i'm trying to justify my purchase of a pair of yellow jeans on sale at anthropologie when i already have a stack of jeans in my closet. or the striped jcrew blazer i got off of ebay with some christmas cash. maybe it's just one of my ways to express myself and be creative. not the only way, but one of the many ways.

...and maybe every once in a while i'll pop on here and show you what i've been wearing.


Quiet Oasis said...

have you seen "The Pleated Poppy" blog where she does "what I wore wednesday" and highlights what she wore that week.... to prevent her from staying in sweats all week since she homeschools.

evan said...

well i love fashion too, and if i could afford it i would definately be a fashionista. and btw, i love your style!

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