Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(not so) quiet time


at church on new year's day our pastor challenged us to really make time reading the bible every day of the first month of this year. so while i missed the first two days, i have really tried hard to make it a priority. my typical time to spend some time with the Lord is during Micah's morning nap time - so although he hasn't been sleeping, i do still enjoy popping him in his bed then plopping myself on mine to spend some time in the word whether or not the background noise is filled with cries and yells for dada (he always calls for his daddy when i'm being "mean momma"!!!)

but last night i had resigned myself to drop his morning nap. i went to bed with thoughts of how a new one nap a day schedule would allow me some morning quiet time. this morning, however, i decided to give him one more shot. and what do you know - within minutes he was sound asleep. i guess he's not ready to give it up quiet yet.

*p.s. as usual, by this time in the morning my coffee had been reheated in the microwave at least 3 times - which explains the gross "skin" on the top of my remaining coffee and on the sides of my mug. i have a problem where i can't drink coffee unless it is scalding hot - and by scalding hot i mean burn my tongue every morning hot.


Quiet Oasis said...

Oh, I hear this. My bible study time consists of turning off a monitor so I can't hear her quite so well... as well as having a 4 year old say "Mom Mom" to me every 3 seconds... in between reading each verse. You just do what you gotta do!

David + Kim said...

A little off subject but....cute shoes : )

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