Thursday, January 12, 2012

nap time showdown


if you're friends with me on facebook or instagram you've probably already seen this photo.
this was yesterday at morning nap time.

a nap time showdown if i've ever seen one.

it started a week ago.
he realized that during his morning nap, he could pull himself up and cruise around his crib instead of sleeping.
since then he's actually fallen asleep once - yesterday - after this screenshot was taken.

i was in the kitchen keeping an eye on him as i was prepping the night's dinner when i glanced over and saw this.
it was like he knew i was watching him through the webcam we have looking down on his crib,
mocking me.

so i went up there, laid him down (again) and said, "Micah, you need to take a rest now," and walked out of the room to the sound of sobs

Minutes later this is what i saw:


i might've won the nap time showdown yesterday, but today was another story.


Veda Penick said...

Grandma just loves those cute pictures! Keep them coming!!!

CitricSugar said...

Oh, nap time showdowns... We've witnessed a few of those since my nephew spends his days with grandma. Yesterday's was of epic proportions. Pretty cool that he understands your webcam. :-)

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