Tuesday, January 31, 2012

afternoon nap

Micah's morning nap used to be my get 'er done time. (that is, until he stopped sleeping - except today, a rare morning nap that i am so thankful for)
most mornings now i get stuff done with him underfoot, not as easy, but possible.

if you have kids i'm sure you know what i mean - if i hadn't gotten in the shower yet, i'd shower
if i had, i'd put some "paint on the barn" as my mom likes to say,
do the dishes, throw in a load of laundry,
reheat my coffee for the 14th time and try to finally finish it while it's still hot
then sit on my bed and do my bible study for the day.

that's why, during his afternoon nap, i feel no guilt doing this.
nothing, nada, zilch, zero.
many days, when i finally feed Micah and lay him down at around 2pm
i usually scarf a little lunch while standing at the kitchen counter (if i haven't eaten already, which i often have not) and then slowly tiptoe up to my room with a book, or my laptop or to watch reruns of What Not to Wear while curled up under the covers of my electric blanket.

or like yesterday, my work day - after laying him down to sleep i brought my work laptop up to bed, turned on my electric blanket and began to work under the covers. little did i know that the warmth would get to me and i found myself waking up exactly 2 minutes before a conference call i had to be on after an unplanned 45 minute nap. i never do that, but i'll admit, i needed it and it felt good.

...just one of the perks of stay-at-home momdom i guess.


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