Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 month until 1, or my 11 month old baby


i kinda just want to cry today.
as of 11:12 am this morning, my kid is exactly a month away from his first birthday.
i can't even stand the thought of measuring his life in years and not months.

this last month was FULL of growth for this big guy.
developmentally, we have seen him grow so much in just the last few weeks
it's incredible
i wonder if we'll have the same awe with the milestones our next bambino reaches
i've heard you do

in the last four weeks micah has finally started getting his first tooth
(although this nursing mom is not complaining that it took so long)
he has begun to pull himself up onto everything and cruising around at a rapid rate
he has learned to clap
he has learned to wave hello and goodbey
he reaches his arms to the sky when we say "how big is Micah?"
he is beginning to understand and mimic (sporadically) a few signs like milk, hungry, all done, eat
he says "momma" and "dadda"(i think) with true understanding of who he is talking about (case in point, when he is upset with me he 100% of the time calls for "dadda"

his babyhood is slowly diminishing in light of his impending birthday and i am both thrilled and saddened.

now i'm off to go figure out how exactly to go about weaning. again, thrilled and saddened.


Kate said...

he looks so big in this pic! it goes so fast, doesn't it?!

CitricSugar said...

They grow so fast... If it's a comfort, after a year, you go back to months, 13, 16, 18 mos, until their at least 2. :-)

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