Sunday, December 4, 2011

these are the days

Sometimes life's best when schedules fly out the window and you just roll with the day

Sans naps, a hood instead of a proper hat to shield the rain

With enough time to hold hands and push strollers on wet pavement

These are the days when car naps, reheated pizza for dinner and early bedtimes are savored like a decaf coffee in the late afternoon

These are the moments I'll miss oneday

Nursing in a baby gap nursing room filled with headless child-sized mannequins with one lone arm chair

we have company at the baby gap nursing room

Stopping at the bookstore for coffee and staying over an hour, holed up in the kids section playing with toy trains, him standing, fascinated by the table of wooden tracks,

For the little boy who said, "babies don't know how to play," and how he blushed with pride when I responded, "well, if you show him how, he can watch you and learn."

We set out to buy gifts but came home empty-handed but with bellies full of love for days like this

where's waldo?

that end with a little boy in a pile of toys

and in bed, asleep, before the clock hit eight.


CitricSugar said...

That really does sound like a wonderful day. :-)

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