Monday, September 19, 2011

hopefully a better mother than a blogger

...that's my goal, is that too much to ask?

it's been brought to my attention that it's been over 10 days since i've written last.
i don't really have many excuses except that i've been mothering (that's a pretty good excuse if you ask me) one super cute seven month old (as of yesterday) and i've been taking little bits of Micah's nap times to do a revamp of my closet (my giveaway pile is awesomely huge and growing) and i've been sick (cough, sniff, cough) the last three days and today i'm working up a storm (just taking a little blogging break to get my creative juices flowing).

but there are no good excuses in blog land where moms seem to blog the second they pop out a baby or the minute they move into a new house (how do they do that?) on second thought, i think i was better at blogging while i was still in the hospital having just birthed my boy than i am now (how is that possible?)

i was actually just going through those (seven month) old posts yesterday. (february archives anyone!?)
man, was that a hard, exhausting, amazing time. feels so long ago, but so recent too. sometimes i still can't believe i have a kid and i get to stay home and play with him all day long (except for Mondays) and it's just so awesome. we have so much fun together, me and my little funny sidekick (he seriously makes me laugh all day long!)

anyways, enough words - here's what we've been up to the last few days:

i love this, the light, the clear white cloudy sky - cutest piggy back ride i've ever seen

Sunday Micah turned 7 months old - closer to his first birthday than his birth-day - sigh
spend Saturday at Patterson's Fruit Farm - seems a little confused as to why he's sitting with pumpkins, but i think he looks so handsome in his skinny jeans and big boy shirt
and today - he played in his highchair when i was working, now he's napping - crap i jinxed it - now he's awake (literally as i typed that)

Hopefully i'll get better at this blogging thing again, but if i don't, just know that when i'm not on my laptop blogging, i'm somewhere on the floor, helping him practice sitting up without falling over and smushing up avocados and bananas and reading board books and doing laundry and dishes during naps instead of writing (because i'd much rather be living than writing now and days anyways)


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