Monday, September 19, 2011

and how...

story time with daddy

how he sat in his highchair in the kitchen tonight, watching me cook -
making guacamole and fresh corn and black bean salsa and hard tacos
with spicy meat

and how he likes lemons and cantaloupe and bananas and avocado but
can't quite seem to figure out how to pinch those puff things and get
them into his mouth before dissolving into nothing

and how he giggles at his reflection in the mirror and looks at me
like he's asking if it's okay to look and laugh at himself

and how he's sitting up on his own so well, until he gets distracted

and falls helplessly, sometimes laughing, other times crying

and how he loves books, until he's had enough and he arches his back

and he's over it just like that

and how lately he's ready for bed at dinnertime but we keep him ups so
he can have time with his dad, attempting to play while pushing his
bedtime past 7, getting a giggle every so often between tired cries

and how i take him upstairs to feed him cross-legged on our bed, him
on a pillow on my lap - our nighttime ritual, nursing in the dark

and how I can lull him to sleep with this routine, he knows, closes
his eyes and eats

and how he was asleep on my lap having taken his last gulp a few moments ago

and how as I pulled back down my shirt he whimpered and immediately
brought his thumb to his mouth and even as I burped him and plopped
him belly first into his crib, his suck never waned

and how he doesn't cry it out at nap time or bedtime anymore, just
looks up at me from his belly, lays his head down and gives up for the

and how now it's quiet except for the dog chewing a toy. he on the
ipad, me on my laptop, working until eyes get tired, or distracted or

and how it's another monday night and the day is almost over and i
made it through, again, having never gotten out of my sweats from last

and how tomorrow morning i will shower and dress and even put on some
makeup even though we have no plans until the evening and we will
start our week on tuesday like we always do.


CitricSugar said...

Beautifully written.

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