Thursday, August 4, 2011

we've got movement

last week i knew Micah was on the verge of rolling over.
i found him like this


over and over again. then it happened. on monday morning, as i was working at my desk i caught him practically on his belly so i grabbed my phone and caught this

it was so cute and so slow-mo.
i texted it to Curtis and his response was "finally!"

minutes later i caught it again, cuter this time - and with more grunting and whining
(excuse my annoying voice in this one - my excitement must have gotten the best of me!

now he's a rolling machine - although he hasn't yet figured out how to roll back onto his back when he's had enough tummy time.

this is how i caught him the other day


not quite the best use of his playmat but hey - whatev.

and better yet, he's taken to napping on his belly.
it's adorable.
what's not adorable is him waking up screaming bloody murder because i think it scares him that he's kind of stuck belly-down until i come in to get him.

gone are the days of him playing happily in his crib for up to an hour - at least until he figures out how to roll back over, that is.


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