Saturday, August 20, 2011

it's been too long and i have no good excuse

6 months

each day that passed since my last post i meant to write
then a week passed
then another and with every night that i went to bed without writing
i heaped the pressure on myself
and the guilt
of not writing
not recording

but i'm dropping the guilt like a backpack off a kid's back
left at the front door after the first day of school
anxious to get back to the summer fun that was left behind when flip flops were traded for school shoes
and new socks that make summer feet sweat.

the truth is, i've really got nothing new to say.
we have found our routine.
many weeks look much like the one before, except for Micah.
growing, learning new skills almost daily, hourly if you watch closely
that boy turns my mundane days into little adventures on a minute by minute basis.

for one, he's six months old as of last thursday
how did that happen?
how did my little 7 lb 9 oz baby reach 19.1 lbs.
how is he in the 98th percentile for his height?

i'm not in denial as much as amazement.

he is now a belly sleeper through and through
rolls over onto his tummy (but not back again...yet)
and can move and scoot around in a circle before i can blink.
just recently he's been pushing off with his toes when on his belly
i think it won't be long before he figures out how to crawl
but i secretly kind of hope it'll be a while.

i'm still nursing, and we've found a good groove.
he'll take a bottle if needed, but nothing beats momma.
and i'm okay with that. there's something so peaceful about sitting on my bed
him laying on a pillow on my lap
the ceiling fan going and he eats as he holds my hand, twirls the little bit of hair that he has on his head
reaches for my face
or the way he falls asleep eating, burps with his head heavy on my shoulder, like tonight
and all i have to do is lay him in his crib, without a peep - and he's out for the night

he loves his cereal, and he's a fan of every veggie we've given him so far.
tonight we went to the greek festival and my dad let him suck on a lemon
we were all expecting him to make a sour face but he loved it.
he'd reach for it when he'd take it away and kept smacking his cute little lips.

so really, i guess i do have stuff to say
there are always things i want to remember,
about him,
about our days
so i guess i'll keep writing.

thanks for reading.


Kate said...

oh my word, he's a giant! but what a cute one! can't wait to see him in a few weeks!

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