Tuesday, July 19, 2011

morning nap

today is another scorcher
so far I can't even gather the motivation to think about going somewhere-
somewhere with central air

so instead of putting him down for his morning nap in one room with air and me in another room with another window unit on
we holed up in my bedroom
ceiling fan on, air on high, lights off
and I let him sleep on me
cuddled up in the cold, dark

I sit, legs outstretched
Lips to his nearly bald head
Listening to him breathe
Smelling the minty scent of the Dr. Bronners soap I bathed him with last night
In my mom's bathroom sink
Feeling the weight of this little human,
more than twice as heavy on me as he was inside

Most days I prefer to lay him in his crib awake. Let him fuss and sometimes cry himself to sleep
Self soothe.
But today I'd much rather feel his sleepy head in the crease of my armpit
His hand, curled into a fist on my collarbone

The window's light catching his toes at my thigh

And maybe when he wakes up we'll figure out the rest of our day
Do something, go somewhere

But maybe, just maybe we'll spend the day curled up in my bedroom, air on high, reading books, telling stories and

taking more naps.


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