Thursday, July 7, 2011

happy together

My creation

*photos taken by Curtis' parents while visiting them in Chicago - don't mind my wet hair and lack of makeup.

On the way home from Chicago we made three stops.
At stop numer three, i was nursing and complaining to Curtis simultaneously about the obscene hour we were going to get home at - when he gently reminded me that we were together, all three of us and then he said something i love to hear.
"- home is wherever we're together - who cares what time we get home."

If you can't tell, we have fun together.
we are not good at serious posing or photoshoots that don't involve tongues, piggyback rides and giggles.
i'm also not good at actually looking decent when a camera is being pointed in my direction
but what can'ya do? but at least it was fun - or funny i guess is more like it.

micah is now 4 1/2 months old and is a traveling champ.
during the 6 hour drive to chicago we only made one 1/2 hr stop the entire way to nurse him.
he slept probably 5 out of the 6 1/2 hour trip - it was incredible. he is incredible.

we had the chance to talk and listen to part of a marriage conference and just had a wonderful drive, just the two of us 
(or it felt that way at least, due to the sleeping angel-boy)

and it was a great trip.
they treat us like royalty when we visit.

despite the heat we fit a lot into a the short trip.

an evening walk to town for fro-yo
lincoln park zoo
the beach
fish tacos

and just when we thought our weekend was over and we were (finally) driving into downtown Cleveland late on the 4th of July, to our amazement, we could see every city's fireworks peppering the horizon as we made our way into town.
it was incredible and a great way to end a beautiful summer weekend.

it's true - home is wherever we're together, and who cares that we got home at 11 and had to make three stops which extended our trip by a couple hours. 

who cares when we were together.


Amanda Kate said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Micah apparently does better on long car rides then I do. You hit the baby lottery! :)

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