Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another monday bites the dust

Yesterday, this was our day:

4am: Micah wakes up sobbing. (this kid never wakes up in the middle of
the night-except for during the crazy thunder storms last week)
I try to let him cry it out, but eventually go in there, because he
keeps getting louder and louder and I don't want Curtis to wake up -
too late.

5am: he finally falls back to sleep just in time for Curtis to get up for work.

6:30am: I get up, make bed (i'm ocd about a made bed) brush teeth,
drink coffee, eat a bowl of special k, take vitamins

7am: sign on work laptop.prepare for 7:30am phone meeting

7:30am: have call

8am: call ends, Micah wakes up. Go into his room singing our morning
wake-up song:

"rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!"

Change him, bring him into my bed (and air-conditioned room) to nurse.

Then I pump (my once-a-day pump) as Micah happily lays next to me on
the bed, and sometimes I get to watch about 10 minutes of the today
show as I pump.

8:30am: go downstairs with my boy, clean pump stuff, freeze milk and
lay Micah on the cute little bear blanket (which I happened to make in
high school home ec class) to play while I work at my dining room desk

9:30am: Micah falls asleep while playing, I don't dare move him into
his crib, so he sleeps amidst his toys for half an hour.

10am: the boy wakes up and we play, and I work and we play some more

11am: we nurse

11:30: I start dinner (broccoli and chicken pasta in a pesto cream
sauce with fresh basil)

While I'm at it I make quinoa two ways (Mexican with lime and cilantro
and curried with chick peas) to eat later this week

12:30pm: back to work and play, simultaneously. He takes another half
hour nap around 1.

2pm: we nurse

3pm: my mom stops over for a visit, entertains Micah baby while I work

4pm: mom leaves and Micah naps again while i finish dinner.

5pm: nurse, again.

5:30: Curtis gets home. He changes, we eat, clean up

6:30pm: we play with Micah

7:15pm: rice cereal time. The little man likes his food.

7:30pm: I take Micah upstairs to nurse. Curtis has a few guys coming
over for a bible study.

8pm: put Micah to bed. (tonight only a few minutes of crying)

8pm: I sit in bed and work (and let Facebook distract me every so often)

9:45pm: I close my laptop. Brush my teeth, wash my face and put some
hair removal cream on my 'mustache' (Curtis just told me I had to add
that in there!)

10pm: Boys leave and Curtis comes upstairs. Gets ready for bed as I
blog on my phone.

10:15pm: lights are out and it's bedtime. Bedtime prayer is that Micah
does NOT wake up at 4am again tonight!*

*note on Tuesday morning: Micah DID wake up again - at 2 am, crying
hysterically (for an HOUR!)
what do we do? we're a split household. I say let him cry it out after
making sure he's okay (which he was) Curtis wants to sleep
(understandable) and offered him a pacifier and a tummy rub until he
drifted back off to la-la land. After months of Micah sleeping so
well, even just being up an hour in the middle of the night is
exhausting. any advice?


Rachology said...

He may just be teething, or it could be an ear infection. Both are things that can wake a baby for no apparent reason.

Rachology said...

...but what do I know...mine STILL wakes up once or twice a night (almost) every night!

Two-Cents Tara said...

Ok, here is my two cents...I agree with you!!!!! You make sure he is ok, and then let him cry it out. It is a phase, and you will see that they come every once in a while. Right now it's sleep, later on, it will be biting, flashing, a bad attitude, you name it, but it's temporary....as long as you don't give in!! That's the key! As soon as he figures out that fussing brings on binky's and tummy rubs, you're done for! Doomed! All your hard work is out the door! Even though it is heartbreaking to hear their cries(I really do remember almost crying myself) in the long run, it's best for them and you. They have to learn to get themselves back to sleep, and I promise, it won't last long, maybe a few more nights! You can do it!!!!!! Ok, enough badgering sister-in-law advice...but I promise, this is one area that Dave and I never gave in on, and our kids are the BEST sleepers, they go to bed like champs, always have, and I can't say that for many of our friends kids!! Give Micah-moo kisses for me!!

jess said...

i'm a huge advocate for crying it out too - which we did last night when he woke up at 2 again, lasted about 15 min and he was back to sleep. hope this is a short-lived phase. he seems to be fine and no teeth popping through yet, so we'll see.

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