Friday, June 10, 2011

to the moon

to the moon

thanks to my sister-in-law Tara, i am now hooked on embroidery.

after a few trial projects on some scrap material, i decided to take a plain white onesie
with us on our trip to Toronto last weekend. because i obviously didn't have an iron with me in the car to do an iron on, i simply looked at it and drew on the onesie freehand-style with a pen (not the best way i'm sure, but hey, it worked)

i then spent the next few hours in the car (while Micah slept like an angel) embroidering until my fingers hurt and my eyes were tired. but i had finished my first little project and i think it's pretty cute.

too bad he spit up on it not 10 minutes after i put it on him.

but at least i have the pictures.


Tara said...

So cute!! I can't believe you did it free-hand! You should doodle on paper and then use carbon paper to trace it on your fabric..I bet you could do some adorable doodles!!!!

Amie said...

I LOVE embroidery!!! You need to check out Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitching. She has the coolest patterns. yOur onsie turned out adoreable! Di you use interfacing?

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