Friday, June 17, 2011

five years






today marks five years of marriage for me and my first boy.

last year we celebrated four years with plans to adopt.

we went out to dinner and talked about all the ways we thought our life would change over the next year.
we talked about paperwork and finances and home studies and referrals and we dreamed about this very day - wondering if we'd have our little brown-skinned boy by our next anniversary.

and now, today is here and here we are - setting up plans for a babysitter in order to celebrate all that we've been through this year.

our brown-skinned babe isn't here with us, yet, but we do have one handsome little boy to call our own today.
i hear him talking to himself in his crib as i type.

we didn't know at our anniversary dinner last year that i was already pregnant. 
we didn't know that about two weeks later we'd get the shock of a lifetime. 

all we knew is that we were on our way to becoming parents, one way or another...
and it was good to be together and dream of the way our future was about to unfold.

but we couldn't have dreamed up the turns our life was about to take.
and tonight, we'll do it again.
we'll drop off our kid (gosh, when did we become old enough to have a kid?!) and we'll talk and dream about what this next year could hold.
the possibilities seriously are endless, and thrilling, and just a tiny bit scary.

but the possibilities are good, so good
and we're in it together
so really, what more could i ask for?

happy anniversary my love, my husband, best friend, father of my firstborn son
you are incredible and i'm so lucky to call you mine.


Kate said...

Happy anniversary to some of my most favorite people! Love you guys and cant wait to see what the Lord has in store in this next year of your life together!

Veda Penick said...

Happy anniversary to my last born and his wonderful wife. I am so proud of you and so grateful and thankful for little Micah. God is so awesome! That's for sure.

Amie said...

I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary! Me and the boys would love to have you and the boys over for food and fun! Are you guys free soon?

The Harringtons said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are perfect together--- what a team!! :-)

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