Sunday, May 22, 2011

just a few things I like...actually I love, about nursing



The way Micah looks up at me while nursing, we lock eyes and he holds
my gaze without blinking and out stares me

The way he kind of hums to himself between swallows, like a very content exhale

The way he smiles, mid suck, as he's about to drift asleep

The way I lean down to kiss whatever part of him my mouth can reach,
and if my lips can't reach I lick his little finger, or cheek or

The way he sometimes gets too much milk and coughs, unlatches to catch
up and gives me a big milk mustache grin

The way his hand grasps my shirt, or bra or the skin of my chest

The way he covers his eyes with his curled up balls of fists when he's
almost done eating

Or stretches his arms up over his head right before I lift him up to burp

Or the way the little bobble head burps up on the cloth on my shoulder
and then plops his face in it, and the way the curdler milk sticks to
every eyebrow and lash

And the way, sometimes, he falls asleep while eating, and I just
gently push away and watch him sleep on my lap, sometimes quietly
moving him to his crib, and sometimes just enjoying the weight of him
on my lap


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