Friday, May 13, 2011

i can hardly believe it

sleeping baby

I can barely believe that on this day exactly 12 weeks ago Micah was born.
At this very minute actually - 11:12am.
This reality hits me hard as I think about starting work again on Monday.
I'm a little sad, a bit nervous and a whole lot of anxious.

But I really shouldn't be because I'm not actually going back to work.
I'm going to be working from home only 10 hours a week, but still,
just the thought of this change in my newfound routine is really
throwing me off-kilter.

I think the root of my fear is that those hours spent writing will
take away time, focus and energy for my true job.
I take it very seriously and the thought of a distraction from it,
even a paid distraction, makes me cringe.

Sunday night will come and I have a feeling that I'll feel that
familiar tug of what i like to call the Sunday night blues, 
maybe not as strong as my days in an
office, but I'm sure it will be present. 

Then Monday I will wake up and
try to manage this new phase of life with a little less sleep if I
have to and a whole lot of prayer.


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