Monday, May 23, 2011

a case of the mondays







"Easter is over but being faithful in the routines, on the Mondays
after the Sundays, is important. It is as
inversely important as it seems unglamorous."

-Stephen Nichols

I used to hate Mondays.
The start of another work week.
the office grind
i don't think i was ever really cut out for it
i liked what i did
but being stuck in an office five days a week wasn't exactly my cup of tea

now i must say, i kinda like Mondays
i never thought i'd be able to say that
the get-it-done days as they've become
whether it's writing work, cleaning the house
catching up on a weekend's worth of laundry and dishes
or starting a new week with lots of semi open-mouthed, wet kisses from an
increasingly attentive and smiley boy

me and Mondays are no longer fighting
(hear that Kate)
and actually, i think we may now be life-long friends.


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