Tuesday, April 12, 2011

yesterday to today


Yesterday I woke from a 12 hour sleep (disturbed only once)
I nurse in front of an open sun porch door (it was warm enough yesterday, but not today)
I dressed my boy in plaid cargo shorts and a polo shirt (pretending it was summer)
I mosied around Target with my mom (what else is new?)
I bought the biggest water bottle (jug with a straw) i could find for my insatiated thirst for ice waterWe painted with watercolors (and i found it very relaxing)
I made baked spring rolls for dinner (they turned out kind of gross)
I nursed on the couch after dinner (to the sound of Curtis baking, yeah, that's right!)
I ate a cookie-brownie even though my tummy hurt (it was a mistake)
Then I laid on the couch with a husband in sweats and a baby in a white onesie (is there anything better than a baby in a plain white onesie?!)

We watched House and eventually we all went to bed (and stayed in our respected beds - and cribs - all night)
I woke up to nurse once (at 3:30am) and while he went right back to sleep, i had trouble falling back asleep (that never happens) and was up until after 5
luckily he let me sleep until 7:15 and after a few grumpy hours, he's now sleeping soundly in the sling (my neck will surely pay for it later!)
but during that time i have did dishes, painted my toes (yup, i painted my toes with him in the sling!) and now am blogging to the sound of him snoring right under my nose.
this mother-gig is pretty hard, but can be pretty awesome too.

*photo is unrelated, just a picture of my two favorite people taking a walk this weekend.


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