Friday, April 1, 2011

wishes on a Friday afternoon




I wish I could take a nap but I just can't shut off my mind.

I wish what I saw was exactly how a photo would turn out (it usually doesn't).

I wish I could transcribe my thoughts right onto paper whenever I wanted without running for pen and paper (because I usually don't).

I wish I had more motivation to create (maybe someday soon).

I wish I had a tan.

I wish I had the desire to start reading again (I miss being sucked into a good book).

I wish I didn't get so tired in the evenings (I'd get so much more done).

I wish I didn't have a mirror during the delivery (those images, although remarkable, will forever be singed into my mind).

I wish Micah would smile already (his furrows are cute, but I want to see a grin).

I wish I could take video of all the tiny things I want to remember about his first weeks of life, the images are in my head and I don't want to forget.

I wish i still wrote poetry.

I wish that every baby in every country felt love like I feel for him right now. More than ever before, my heart breaks for all the babies (and kids) without mommies (and daddies).

I wish adoption wasn't so expensive, or confusing or uncertain. I know God will provide and guide us but it still leaves me wishing it all wasn't so daunting.

I wish I had more hours today, to do something, or nothing at all.


Donna said...

This IS poetry, luv...

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