Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the wear and tear (literally)


i read {this}
while sitting at the salon, waiting for my highlights to be done this morning.
it kind of made me get that queasy feeling you get when you remember something you'd rather not, and it kind of made me self-consciously tear up a bit as i sat in the chair surrounded by other women with tin foil on their head's too.
either way, i found myself reading along because i identified with it - all of it...even the mirror part. ugh.

the fact of the matter is.
just when you think you think you'll never be the same
you are
and you aren't simultaneously.

but when that nugget falls asleep with his face resting on your neck smelling of self tanning lotion and aveda hair products
you know it doesn't really matter and all is right with the world. and your husband will love your still semi-jiggly belly still marked by the linea negra (and now the orange glow of self tanner) and all the other slightly unpleasant, but mostly beautiful things that mark the fact that a life was created and was pushed out, full-throttle, marking a birthday and a date you will never forget.

not all stays the same when a human makes their grand entrance,
but all is better for it. because of it and in spite of it.


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