Monday, April 18, 2011

two months under the belt





people say that time flies by with kids
and until today i don't think i really believed them
or understood what they were talking about
and although i know that two months is pretty much nothing
i know the next time i blink it will be two years :(

so, what are some of the things i have learned in the last month?


that 8 hours of sleep is far superior to three hours of sleep
that spit-up washes out of everything
that you can never have enough pacifiers or burp cloths around the house
that baby smiles are awesome
and his cry isn't bothersome unless it's at 2am or i'm hungry
that i should never forget my iphone or a jug of water when i go to nurse in the night
that Mea is a very gentle puppy
that stay at home mommyhood is not boring in the slightest
but just the opposite, it is the hardest, busiest, most rewarding job i've ever had
that I love him and his daddy more than i ever thought possible 
and that love, awe and contentment only grows and grows with each passing month

*a few of these were taken and modified from a facebook post by a friend this morning who has a two week old baby girl.


Kate said...

Two months?!!! It flies by...and truly only goes faster the older they are! And mine aren't that old, but I know this to be true.

He's so big!

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