Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's no good title for babble...

Today I cancelled plans.
I never do that.
I was up too long in the night.
It hasn't happened in a while so it threw me off my game.
There is no predictability in this parenting game.

Micah has begun to smile.
Not often, perhaps once or twice a day but when you get one you know
your golden.
Yesterday I caught a slight laugh on my iPhone and I kept looking at it all day.
It was kind of like getting a smile all day long.

Now he's sleeping next to me in his vibrating chair.
I write this on the iPad.
After he eats we're meeting my sister at our hair salon.
Our friend & stylist Carli has yet to meet M so Jen had the idea of
popping by when she's getting all her hair chopped off.
She's braver than me.

I need a haircut so bad.
Color even worse.
It's embarrassing to go to the salon with such a mess on your head.
My sister said they're gonna have to have a hair intervention for me.
I sure hope so.
But I have a good excuse.
He's sleeping right next to me.


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