Monday, April 25, 2011

baby's first easter

Easter 2011

it was a great day. a great weekend too.
a good friday service
a sunny saturday complete with lunch on a patio with a grandma and a great grandma
a walk around the neighborhood and a little bit of lounging around before dinner with some family.
and easter sunday started early with a 5am wakeup call
the caller being a cute little bunny named Micah with a little fuzzy bum.
but we couldn't be upset because he slept eight hours and was ready to party.
the day started with easter treats for my boys and gifts from grandma and other family,
a little photo shoot as he learns how to sit up straight in his bumbo chair,
reading the book {little colt's palm sunday} followed by the real easter story,
a wonderful church service and a houseful of family for dinner at my aunt and uncles.
the bunny feet were a hit
and he must've had fun on his first easter because he slept another 8 hours last night and so did i!


CitricSugar said...

Hi-Just been catching up after my unintentional school-related hiatus...

CONGRATULATIONS! He's gorgeous and looks a lot like you, I think. Sounds like you're making the most of every moment. My nephew is almost four months now and I'm so in love with him I can hardly stand it--I can only imagine how wonderful this is for you after the waiting. God bless!

PS. Glad to hear Curtis is done school - way to go!

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