Friday, March 11, 2011

it's the way













it's the way milk pools in the corners of his mouth as he eats
and the way he saves the leftovers
as little crusty milky bits around his mouth 
for when he wakes from his full-bellied nap

it's the way his long fingers move and find his face
cover his eyes
his mouth
wrap themselves around his chest and belly
fold as if praying or begging for something

it's the way he looks at me
or through me
or right past
in an almost eye meets eye way that tells me
he's adjusting to this new world
checking it out before he makes true eye contact for the very first time

it's the way he gurgles, baaas like a lamb or snorts like a piggy in his sleep
he is my full-farm
every-animal and i love it
although it makes for a very noisy basinette in the night

it's the way he looks worried and anxious and stressed out
all at once 
even though the baby's life is one of such ease
eat poop sleep repeat.

it's the way i can stroke his cheek and squeak an 
almost smile out from under his rapidly chubby-ing cheeks
how his mouth forms a little "o" when he's thinking or happy or quietly content

it's the way he roots for me even when being held by someone else
how only i can give him that part of what he needs
and no matter how hard the cry
when laid at my chest, all sound ceases besides the suck
and swallow of deep satisfaction
i have met that need and it is the time for just us.

it's the way i watch him yawn or sleep or burp and find
that an hour can pass without words
or thoughts of anything else but those itty pink lips
crusted with three-hour old milk
a double chin that i swear wasn't there last week
or eyebrows barely visible to the human eye.

this is the makings of my day
and it's the way i've always wanted it.

the way it's 2:22pm before i can blink
and i'm lucky to have gotten a shower and a cup of coffee
it's the way it is and i'm happy every second of it.


Anonymous said...


Wow! I am impressed by your positive attitude about milk-drool. What an encouraging post :)


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