Thursday, March 24, 2011

i am thankful for him.






i didn't have to have a kid to know that i was a lucky girl in terms of the boy i was lucky enough to marry.

but let me tell you, it has only been made more clear as i've watched him effortlessly float into fatherhood.

i know some guys say they don't really bond with their kids until they start to talk or show affection back,
but in Curtis' case, i watch the way he looks at our son and it is apparent, they've bonded.

I'll give you last night/ this morning as an example...

Last night we had people over for dinner. Shortly after they left i started nursing Micah his evening feeding. When i was done, i burped him and gently handed the almost sleeping baby to my husband, laying on the couch, tv on, laptop by his side. He took him, and i kissed them both goodnight.

it was 8:30.

then i walked up the stairs, crawled into bed to the sound of Micah stirring, crying and being lulled back to sleep by his daddy.

This morning i wasn't feeling too good. my neck was killing me (note to self: don't carry child in sling for 3 hours straight) and my stomach was hurting. At 5am Micah woke up and was ready to eat. Curtis doesn't have to wake up until 5:30 on workdays, but he knew i wasn't feeling good and when i asked him if he'd give him a bottle so i could keep sleeping, he popped out of bed, happily, a half hour early and did just that. gave up sleep with a smile, kissed my achy neck and started whispering good mornings to our guy.

I woke up as Curtis was about to leave for work.

Thank you, i told him, but when is thank you enough?

...for being my sanity, my companion, my literal better half.

Some days, as i struggle to get a cup of coffee before lunch, i think how jaw-droppingly lucky i am to have snagged a guy so perfectly cut out for fatherhood. he was born to be a dad, i tell ya. seriously.

and i know, when he comes home from work, he'll give me a kiss and make a beeline to the little man and not give him up until i insist he change out of his work clothes so he doesn't ruin them with spit up, poop or pee.

so he'll change into sweats, strap on the baby bjorn and they'll meander around the house together...

my two guys.


NaperDude said...

So proud of Curt... what a guy

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