Saturday, March 5, 2011

due date






March 5
the day we have counted down to for so long
our due date

to think that he could still be safe and upside down inside of me today
a concept, even as i look at him now, i cannot comprehend.
how that body,
this baby
fit inside of me
just as he is today
a mere two and a half weeks ago.

You are just over two weeks old today Micah David.
and already we can't imagine a life without you in it.
thank you for coming early like i predicted all along and joining our family right in the nick of time.


scott said...

those yawning pictures have to be the cutest ever! He already looks so much bigger, and it has only been a week since i saw him last. I am kinda getting withdraw from itty bitty babies. Can i come see you again soon?

Amie said...

oops, that was me, not Scott! He was signed in and i thought i was. sorry!

Amanda Kate said...

Those pictures are adorable, Jess. He looks so peaceful. And that little pout... What an amazing time for you. Keep on writing about it...

Kate said...

so thankful he's safely here and growing like a champ. can't wait to come see him (well, and you!) in a few weeks!

Veda Penick said...

I can't wait until this weekend! I miss you all so badly! I need to hold him and rock him and give him grandma hugs!

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