Friday, March 4, 2011





books and friends can't prepare you
for motherhood
for how excruciatingly hard it is
or how painfully wonderful

we're adjusting over here at the penick house
to a new life in almost every way

to bleary-eyed sleepiness
hormone-induced emotionalism
adrenaline-filled happy days

i am slowly starting to work on a post or two 
to tell you the story of Micah's birth
but as i write
the words seem to fall short
of how amazing an experience it was

i teeter between telling the story
straight facts for memory's sake
from water breaking to leaving the hospital in the middle of an ice storm
and trying to relive every
emotion and vivid thought i had.

maybe i'll write both
or find a way to string words together
to encompass both

i haven't gotten there yet.

so until then
take a look at those eyes,
that mouth
the way the light sprawls itself across his
relaxed baby body

and try not to be too jealous that he's all mine :)


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