Monday, February 7, 2011

on taking crappy photos and not caring anymore


Nesting has gotten the best of me
So have swollen feet and ankles
And snow

Like I said before, I have tapped in to my homebody ways
And refuse to leave my house if I don’t have to

I’m not sure why all of this has caused some blogging draughts the last week or so
But it has and for that I’m sorry

I think I’m struggling with words that lack pictures
I’m sick of going into my flickr archives for an outdated photo to go with my posts
And that’s not cool

I’m trying to hunt down pictures from both of my showers
I want to see them
And share so bad
They were two great days
I felt loved and it made me so grateful that this little boy is going to grow up
Surrounded by these people
That and we pretty much have everything we need to welcome him home
And the stuff we didn’t get
We ordered online with gift cards

I might have knocked showers in the past
But when they’re for you
They are a great, great thing! such a blessing, to be given what you need.
Even the games were awesome

I’ll have to share the one game we played in another post.

But all that to say that I have decided that I need to start taking pictures again.
I’ve been lame-o on the picture taking lately
Except from the random belly shot or nursery photo taken on my iphone
I haven’t really taken many photos throughout this pregnancy.
And I regret that.

And I keep thinking to myself, unless I get back into the habit now
I won’t be in the habit once this boy is here

I think part of my photography paralysis is that I read a lot of very creative
Design and photography blogs
And they all take such great photos
Mine never turn out as crisp, bright and clear
And I get discouraged because the photos I take
Often don’t accurately capture my memory of the image
And it doesn’t frustrate me as much as it makes me sad.

So then my love of my camera and capturing images fizzles
But let’s be honest – my love for a lot of things fizzled in those first four months of pregnancy

The only hobby that started up again with a vengeance is crocheting
and i just showed you the fruits of that labor - my {granny square blanket}

So, Friday night, before we babysat for two sweet little babies, i got home from work and whipped out my camera. I read the manual and got to know my camera again. I’m going to try to increase my photo taking abilities, and even when my pictures suck, I promise to keep taking photos – if nothing else but to document my beautiful life
for me, and for you.


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