Sunday, February 6, 2011

on nesting


Like a bird, collecting bits and pieces
particles, scraps and stuffing for the nest
preparing a safe, soft place
a passage
a shelter for those fragile eggs
to hatch and open and be born

I am that mamma bird
I shuffle through the house
slippered, swollen feet
washing tiny clothes in dreft
folding blankets
filling drawers of tiny little things
preparing for that hatching
cracking open
preparing for birth
in a way other than
reading books
and conspiring between other swollen bellied friends


a concept
unlike any other I’ve experienced
a pull to home
to warmth
this winter season seems appropriate
for my mood of
long sweaters,
stretchy sweats that sit below belly
folding clothes in front of the fire
organizing life and house and objects
in small piles
tiny stacks
neat rows of small, precious things
all smelling of baby clean and cotton.

This week I have been in hibernation mode
thanks to the cold and scare of winter warnings
and blizzard threats
a homebody down to my core
I’ve worked at home and warmed my hands with the idea
of doing this daily for the rest of my days

of coffee sipped from a mug not a to go cup
cereal eaten from a bowl with milk and not a baggie, dry
curtains opened to skies of blue or grey, it doesn’t even matter which
they are my windows, in my home
my curtains,
my view.

This nesting period will not last forever
I know it will soon be replaced by feedings and naptimes
and diapers and laundry
and I welcome it
the busy new life that will come with this tiny
swaddled little bundle of being

I nest for this little one
to make a place in our home of two for one more
to gather soft and safe things to gather around him
creating a nest inside our walls
for him to hatch and grow

my little chicadee


Kati said...

Cute! I love the feeling of getting everything ready and in place.

Kate said...

beautifully said...and nice artwork! ha!

Rona said...

I just found out what it means when people say "you gave me chills". I kept getting those little chills that run up your spine while really this post. I guess I have nested before and we are united by that thing that motherhood does to change us forever. Welcome! The Red Tent welcomes you..........women all welcome you.

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